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Go minimalist with this $81 office desk

Plus, get up to 40% off selected items at the Ashley Furniture summer sale.

Ashley Furniture

Working an entire year from my apartment has really taught me how to make the most out of a small space. That's why this 43-inch office desk from Ashley Furniture has got me imagining all kinds of possibilities. With it, you can turn any decently sized closet or bedroom corner into a workspace. It will also fit nicely into any modest living arrangement like a dorm room or loft, allowing you to get work done from the comfort of your home. Perfect for students or those working remotely. Get it now for only $81 at Ashley Furniture -- and shipping is free.

I haven't personally tried this desk myself, but user reviews praise it for its modern and compact design, and how easy it is to assemble. Going by the product description, you can easily fit a laptop, some small stationary supplies and even a desk lamp. If needed you can add on a filing cabinet or grab one of these adhesive shelves for additional storage space. While you're there, don't miss out on Ashley Furniture's Summer Closeout Sale. You can find select outdoor and home office pieces for up to 40% off. This is the perfect time to redecorate if you believe your office might return to remote working again.