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Get an automatic cat feeder for $50 and sleep past 6 a.m. for once

If you're a cat owner, you know.


Mr. Snuffles doesn't like it when his breakfast is late. He doesn't like it at all.


Unless you have an unusually patient cat, most pet owners have experienced the wake-up call of a hungry cat: the scratches on the door, the whines, the fiddling with the door handle because somehow they've figured out how that works. No matter how regular your feeding schedule is, some cats will stalk you around the house until you've placed the food in their bowl (despite knowing you've never not fed them before), and that's where an automatic feeder can come in. Amazon's limited-time Tuesday deals include steep markdowns on automatic cat feeders and water fountains from PetLibro, including a 4-liter automatic feeder for just under $50 (a $60 savings).  

The PetLibro Automatic Cat Feeder can dispense up to four meals per day, with nine portion settings per meal, so you can control how much and how often your furry friend is getting food. An LCD screen helps you easily program your settings, and you can even record up to 10 seconds of your voice to say something like, "Hey Sneaky! It's time to come eat!" so they get that audio cue as well. You can also manually dispense food from it at any time if needed. 

This feeder would probably work best in a single-cat household, though many people in the user reviews do mention either getting a second feeder or simply programming different times and portions for different cats. You can use this for small- to medium-sized dogs as well. 

Also worth mentioning is this pet water fountain that's on sale for $27 today (usually $40) as part of the PetLibro sale when you apply a 10% coupon on the listing to take $3 off. Cats prefer to drink from moving water (if you've ever seen them batting at their water bowl, this is why), and this fountain delivers a regular, quiet flow that can actually lead to them drinking more water than they did before, which can have long-term health benefits. Its stainless steel design makes it easy to clean, and everything but the pump and filters is dishwasher-safe as well.