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GE's Wi-Fi ovens now work with IFTTT

GE Appliances aims to improve kitchen connectivity by integrating with IFTTT, the free online connection service designed to simplify everyday life.

The GE Profile Built-In Double Convection Wall Oven with Wi-Fi capability will be able to connect with other gadgets, apps and social networks through IFTTT. Colin West McDonald/CNET

IFTTT, the popular online automation service, has taken a step into the kitchen with the announcement today of its integration with GE Appliance's line of WiFi-enabled ovens.

Owners of a GE Wi-Fi oven can use IFTTT to enable "If this, then that"-style connections, called recipes, between their oven and other IFTTT-connected gadgets, social networks and Web tools. These recipes are accessible in the GE Appliances Cooking Channel, the first appliance channel built on IFTTT.

There are currently 24 published recipes in the GE channel, which includes commands like "Flash your Philips Hue lights when your oven is done cooking" or "Make sure your oven is off after 11 p.m." Most of the recipes focus on making sure the oven is turned off when you need it to be, such as when you leave the house or when your smoke alarm detects an emergency. There are also some fun recipes for foodies who want to post to Facebook or Twitter when their meal is ready.

An example of the recipes available for GE Appliances.IFTTT

IFTTT is a free online service that began in 2010. IFTTT initially focused on pairing websites and social networks with Recipes that enable you to automatically save Facebook photos you're tagged in to iOS Photos or post the Instagram photos that you like to your Tumblr, for example. The service has since made a concerted effort to expand its connections to smart-home gadgets.