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GE Artistry fridge wants to add a dollop of color to your kitchen

If you hanker for some color in your kitchen, take a gander at GE's Artistry fridge line, which now comes in two eye-popping new hues.

The GE Artistry refrigerator now comes in color choices of Cupcake Blue and Red Pepper. GE

In a sea of brushed silver, white and beige, GE hopes to stand out from the refrigerator pack by offering a splash of color. Fridges in its Artistry line of kitchen appliances, which already sport clean lines and retro styling, will now flaunt two snazzy hue options, Cupcake Blue and Red Pepper.

Hopefully these vibrant colors will prove just as appetising in person as they sound on paper. The designers at GE certainly have some degree of confidence since according to the company the two shade choices are the result of an online survey conducted by the public.

Be advised, however, that customers will pay a premium for the privilege of color. While the standard black or white Artistry model refrigerators cost $1,200, the fresh red and blue versions have a higher $1,500 asking price.

Here's a look at the Red Pepper GE Artistry Fridge model. GE

If you're expecting a truly premium appliance experience though, the Artistry is far from GE's luxury Monogram, Cafe and even higher-end Profile products. Fridges in these series typically offer cushy features such as French doors, chilled water and ice dispensers, and large storage capacities.