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GE fridge with Keurig Brewing now available for purchase

The newly available GE Café Series Refrigerator features Keurig K-Cup Brewing, hot water and water filtration.

In January, CNET previewed a French door fridge that, while pricey, seemed to promise some innovative technology integration. Now, for $3,300 at Lowe's, the new GE Café Series Refrigerator with Keurig K-Cup Brewing has finally arrived, and it's looking to combine many of the devices you use daily, from making coffee to purifying water, into one efficient interface.

For Keurig enthusiasts, this fridge could bode well. Some of Keurig's recent standalone products have struggled to replicate the company's early success, hitting a notable low with the abominable Keurig Kold. But the company could certainly find new life if device integration like GE's Café Series Refrigerator were to gain commercial traction.


For a fridge, the price tag might seem a little steep, but for a French-door, feature-rich fridge like this, $3300 isn't bad. GE aims to justify the Café Series' price by folding in features that usually require their own technologies (and their own costs), much like the recent GE Profile Series did. Not only will this new fridge feature a Keurig K-Cup brewing apparatus, but also a hot water dispenser and a water filtration system.

This sort of combined functionality could free up counter space by eliminating the need for single-serve coffee makers, electric kettles and even water purifiers. Or it could do what all those devices are specialized to do, but worse. Until we review the fridge, we simply won't know.


The GE Café Series Refrigerator also boasts mobile device remote functionality. The primary function of remote access seems to be controlling the Keurig brewer, so if you put in a Keurig K-Cup the night before, you can tell your fridge to start brewing a cup of coffee before you even get out of bed in the morning.

Despite the efforts of companies like Mr. Coffee, few smart coffee machines have successfully simplified coffee preparation because of its hands-on nature. The GE Café fridge's dedicated water line cuts out one of the major steps of coffee prep and one of the major problems with remote coffee prep. If the technology works well, GE's fridge could be a big innovation for coffee lovers.

Check out the GE Café Series Refrigerator with Keurig K-Cup brewing, available for $3,300 at Lowe's Stores in the United States now. GE plans to make the fridge available in Canada in spring 2016.