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GE dishwashers buck trend with silverware specific jets

As more dishwashers use a third rack for silverware, GE Profile and Cafe models will give you a reason to keep using a basket.


GE's newest dishwashers will put the pressure on your forks and knives. Starting in June, all models in both the Cafe and Profiles series dishwashers will feature 40 jets that spray water directly onto the silverware basket on the right side of the bottom rack. GE promises the new jets will make your silverware sparkle.

GE has a habit of adding specific jets to spray off hard to wash dirt. We liked the company's bottle wash jets on the GE PDT750SSFSS and these models will feature those as well. I simply find it odd to add a feature that focuses on cleaning the silverware basket as more high-end models move silverware to an upper third rack.

Third racks can be used for other small items besides silverware, and GE will be encouraging that sort of flexible thinking as these new Cafe and Profile models will also throw in a third rack. But the LG LDT9965BD used its third rack to obtain that coveted sparkle on silverware in our tests -- scoring a great average of 96 percent cleanliness despite our rigorous procedures. I'll be interested to see if GE's new jets can do better in practice come June.