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Forget Roomba; new robot cleans your BBQ

A new robotic scrubbing brush cleans the grime off your grill so you don't have to.

(Credit: Grillbot)

A new robotic scrubbing brush cleans the grime off your grill so you don't have to.

The best part about barbecuing is delicious foods. But then there's the worst part about barbecuing — cleaning off the grill when you're done.

According to Gizmag, the Grillbot came about when its inventor, Ethan Woods, was scrubbing his grill with a wire brush — and had the brilliant idea of attaching said brush to an electric drill. It worked so well and it was so great that he thought everyone should have one.

Grillbot looks like a Roomba having babies with a scrubbing brush: a little one-button robot with a scrubbing brush that patrols your grill, removing grease and cooked-on chunks of food. You can choose from two settings — light or heavy — with an LCD showing you which. And when the bot is finished on the grill, it beeps to let you know that it's done.

Also, the little robot works on both hot and cold plates.

We don't know if it requires any kind of soap or cleaning agent, but its battery is rechargeable via an included AC adapter.

The Grillbot will ship in June of this year for a starting price of US$69.95 for the basic model, up to US$99.95 for a more premium version. We don't know if it will be available in Australia, but we hope so.

Or maybe not. What if the robot vacuum cleaner got ideas and started sending the Grillbots out on covert operations in order to kill all the humans.

Visit the Grillbots website here to sign up for updates.