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Fill the freezer with the Burger Master

The Burger Master is a flexible storage tray designed for the freezer. The hexagonal cutouts also allow it to be used as a burger press.

The Burger Master is like an ice cube tray for burgers.
The Burger Master is like an ice cube tray for burgers. Amazon

There is a common problem lurking in the supermarket aisles: what to do with all that food? Now, obviously, the answer is to buy just as much as you need, because after all, nobody wants to waste food. But what of those times when the cooking is best done in batches? As it is not always practical (or healthy) to eat all of the food, there will often be more than is needed. That's when that big boxy appliance in the corner of the kitchen really comes in handy.

Sure, the refrigerator is great for storing food to take out and eat at a moment's notice, but its real advantage is the freezer. Not only does the freezer give forth ice cubes and cold treats, but it also helps store food purchased in bulk as well as making an excellent storage place for homemade food prepared in batches -- or even just for convenience.

Like an ice cube tray for freezing burger patties, the Burger Master ($24.99) keeps homemade hamburgers always within reach. Perfect for storing excess burgers made from a batch, the flexible tray keeps patties separate and holds about two pounds. When the time is right and the grill or frying pan beckons, just pop one (or two) out and put the rest back in the freezer. The burger accessory holds eight quarter-pounders, so as long as you remembered to stock up on condiments, you'll be good to go -- or at least until the buns run out.