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Eva Solo Gravity Cookware sends cleaning into orbit

Eva Solo Gravity Cookware comes in a variety of sizes. The pots and pans have a special lid that has multiple uses.

Strain and drain, stand and vent with Eva Solo Gravity Cookware.
Strain and drain, stand and vent with Eva Solo Gravity Cookware. Eva Solo

Cooking often is one of two things to people: they can love to cook or they can hate to cook. There's a good chance that those ambivalent in-between are still concerned with the general goings-on that occur in the kitchen; we all gotta eat. But it is not only the process of cooking that goes into the creation of a meal, but also cleaning up. And that's the part most would truly like to avoid.

Cooking involves pots, pans and any number of cooking utensils and accessories. Keeping that number to a minimum keeps the mess to a minimum as well. Danish company Eva Solo has a line of cookware designed to streamline the cooking and prepping process. Available in a variety of sizes, Eva Solo Gravity Cookware ($119-$179) has a well-designed lid that does more than just cover the pot.

It starts with a peek through the top. The stainless-steel cookware is topped with a silicone lid that has a glass window. The silicone construction enables the lid to serve other purposes. During the cooking, the contents of the cooking vessel are easy to get to as an inner lip on the lid is designed to allow the lid to stand on the edge of the pot, draining water back into the cooking (and not on the kitchen countertop). Perhaps best of all, that inner lip has a series of holes, meaning that it can not only be used as a steam vent, but as a colander as well -- so there will be one less dish to do.

Assuming of course, one isn't just using a fork.