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Friday deal: A large, digital air fryer just dropped to $40 (Update: Deal expired)

That's 50% off the normal price making this a very add-to-cart situation.

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TGIF indeed! If you've been hunting for a deal on one of those air fryer thingies everyone's talking about, this is one of the best we've seen so far in 2021. There are tons of air fryer models out there in all sizes and shapes but many just aren't large enough to hold food for an entire family or a gathering of friends (unless you cook in batches). 

Not so with this Emerald 5.2-liter digital air fryer which is currently on sale for just $40 -- down from $80 -- at Best Buy. This is a very good deal on a digital air fryer of this size and it actually looks pretty cool too. The exact same model is $80 at Walmart, for reference.

Air fryers famously make ultra crispy foods such as wings, fries, veggie sticks and seafood snacks using wickedly hot and fast-circulating air to mimic the effects of deep frying (dumplings are my new favorite but ask me next week and I'll have a new one). The Emerald air fryer has plenty of cooking capacity for large batches of wings, tots, shrimp, crispy mushrooms or any of these unexpected air fryer recipes. Plus, the digital controls and seven preset cooking programs mean no guessing on how long to set the super convection for. Best Buy also offers free shipping on the unit and you'll have it within a week's time. Or pick it up later today, pending inventory.

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