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Dyson unleashes new Fluffy DC74 cordless vacuum in Asia

The new roller suction head uses microfibre and carbon strips to suck up anything from fine dust to large pieces of kibble.

The Dyson Fluffy is named after its cushy microfiber roller. Aloysius Low/CNET

Dyson's latest cordless vacuum cleaner will definitely appeal to those living in apartments without carpets -- most Asian homes, in this case.

The cute-sounding Fluffy DC74 comes with a new type of roller head that Dyson says is capable of sucking up either fine dust or large pieces of food -- such as cereal -- and cat litter without any problem. Also included with the S$999 ($799) Fluffy are a bunch of more standard brush heads, including one that works on pet hair and another for cleaning mattresses.

Unlike your standard vacuum cleaner, the Fluffy cleaning head doesn't push debris away. Instead it goes over them like a paint roller, while still being able to maintain pressure for the suction to work. Dyson uses a combination of microfiber material and carbon fiber brush heads (which reduces static cling of dust) in the Fluffy head.

This allows it to suck up the fine dust even in crevices, unlike a standard vacuum, which works better on larger particles and pushes those it can't suck up away (which means you have to lift up the vacuum to make sure you get everything).

At the demos shown at the Singapore launch, the Fluffy was able to outdo the other handheld cordless vacuums, as well as a more powerful corded vacuum with no issues. I've personally tried it out and was impressed with how fast it cleaned up the test area.

Dyson employees perform a straightforward race to see which vacuum cleans better. Spoiler: the Dyson wins. Aloysius Low/CNET
The Dyson sucked everything up with no issues in the far-right test lane. You can still see some leftover food particles on the other lanes, while most of the vacuums pushed food into the pits. They also failed to suck up the sugar in the crevice. Aloysius Low/CNET

The Fluffy boasts 26 minutes of cleaning time; Dyson says this is dependent on your number of stops and starts. The cleaner also boasts 16 minutes of continuous suction. If you remove the Fluffy roller head, you'll get 20 minutes of continuous suction instead. The Fluffy roller head, in case you are wondering, is not compatible with older vacuum models.

Another look at the exposed Fluffy roller head and the Dyson digital motor. Aloysius Low/CNET

Dyson says the Fluffy will launch in Asia first -- it already made its debut in Japan last month -- and will be sold next in Singapore come mid-November. The Fluffy is due to roll out to other countries in the region such as Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, China and the Philippines soon.

There are plans to launch the Fluffy in other regions, but there's no word yet on when this will happen.