Dyson cuts prices and shakes up its vacuum lineup

Complete with a new coat of paint, Dyson's vacuums get new names and new price points in a rebranding overhaul.

Andrew Gebhart Former senior producer
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Tyler Lizenby/CNET

To make room for its newest stick vac, Dyson is shaking up its entire vacuum line. Almost everything is getting a new name, and some of the vacs are getting a significant price cut. For the first time, Dyson will accommodate the midrange market.

The new vacuum headlining this overhaul is the Dyson v6 Absolute . It's quite similar to the Dyson stick vacs we've reviewed in the past, and part of the reason for the name and price change is to clarify the options. Dyson is using its logjam of similar stick vacs to spread the goods among various price points.

Dyson's sticks don't vary much from one to the next. Tyler Lizenby/CNET

It's a smart play, and since it brings the highly competent DC59 Animal (now called the Dyson v6) down from its former $500 price point to a much more reasonable $300, it's one that will help on-the-fence vacuum buyers make an easier plunge into the Dyson world. Prices go up from there, with the Absolute sitting at the top for $600.

Here's a summary of the changes to the stick vacs:

  • The Dyson v6 replaces the Dyson DC59 Animal. It loses some attachments, now shipping with only a combi tool, but it drops in price from $500 to $300.
  • The Dyson v6 Motorhead replaces the Dyson DC59 Motorhead . It still has the direct-drive vacuum head, comes with a crevice tool and combi tool, and drops in price from $550 to $400.
  • The Dyson v6 Animal is added to the lineup. It's the same as the Motorhead, but adds a mini motorized tool and a dusting brush to the included attachments. It costs $500.
  • The Dyson v6 Absolute is added to the lineup. It includes everything in the Animal package, plus a soft roller vacuum head for hardwood floors as well as a HEPA filter. It's $600.

All sticks are now named after Dyson's v6 motor, and consist of largely the same design and pieces. The biggest differences between each model are the number of attachments and the coloring.

The upright changes are simpler and not as drastic price-wise:

  • The Dyson Ball Compact Animal replaces the Dyson DC50 Animal . It drops in price from $500 to $450.
  • The Dyson Ball Allergy replaces the Dyson DC65 Animal . It includes three new tools and drops from $600 to $500.

If you're a Dyson fan, rest assured that they didn't just release an entirely new lineup of vacuums. The Absolute is the only newbie of the bunch -- the rest just got a shakeup and a new coat of paint. Even the Absolute uses the same stick vac formula as the rest, it just introduces a soft vacuum head.

The fluffy head of the v6 Absolute. Tyler Lizenby/CNET

That said, the formula Dyson uses on stick vacs is a good one, and our biggest problem with the lineup has always been price. The real highlight, then, isn't the new Absolute or even the soft brushroll, but the $300 v6. We liked the DC59 Animal, and for that price, it stands with the $180 Hoover Linx as one of the better stick vacuum buys we've tested.

To round out the day, Dyson has introduced a new, pricey personal heater. Called the Dyson AM09 Hot+Cool , it features temperature control, and the ability to switch from a focused airflow meant for one person, to a wider stream to cover the room. It includes a remote for added convenience but costs a hefty $450. Like the Absolute, it'll be available on Dyson's website and from other select retailers starting March 1.