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Dyson Cool AM06 launches in Australia

The Dyson Cool AM6 fan that launched in the northern hemisphere in March has now received a local release.


Just in time for spring, Dyson has released the latest in its line of cooling fans in Australia: the Dyson Cool AM06, into which Dyson invested $74 million in research and development, boasting a sound reduction of up to 75 percent, according to the Dyson team.


This upgrade is in response to user feedback, and was the top requested feature for the new fan, Dyson said. The second most requested feature was a sleep timer which, for the first time, the fan also has, as well as an upgrade in energy efficiency by up to 40 percent.

To reduce the noise while maintaining a strong airflow, the team of 65 Dyson engineers built what is known as a Helmholtz cavity into the base of the fan. This is a small chamber that disrupts the path of the soundwaves through a passage -- in the case of the AM06, the noise of the impeller that channels the air through the fan.

The design of the fan has also changed slightly, with an asymmetric bezel and a larger space for airflow at the base of the fan's loop. This allows air to escape with fewer obstructions, reducing turbulence -- and, in turn, noise.

The fan is now available for a cool asking price of AU$449, with the AM07 tower fan and the AM08 pedestal fan coming in at AU$649. You can watch a video of James Dyson explaining the advantage over blade fans here, and head here for our full CNET review .