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DIY magnetic message board for your fridge

This quick and easy DIY can get you organized and make your fridge look awesome.

Alina Bradford

Having a message board on your fridge is great for keeping track of your grocery lists or your weekly dinner menu. The basic dry erase boards you can buy at the office supply store are bland and clash with a well-planned kitchen design, though. So, why not design your own board that not only looks nice, but also works better than most of the ones on the market? This message board takes only a few minutes to make and is made of glass, which is an ideal surface for dry erase markers.


  • Picture frame with glass pane (I used a 5x7 inch frame)
  • 2 sheets of decorative paper (wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, a page out of a coloring book)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • 4 self-adhesive magnets with a magnet strength rating of around 7
  • Small plastic cup
  • E6000 glue or super glue
  • Dry erase markers


  1. Lay the frame on top of one of the sheets of paper and trace around the frame with a pencil onto the paper.
  2. Cut the paper along the lines you just traced.
  3. Place the paper inside of the frame like you would a picture.
  4. Remove the adhesive backing from the magnets. On the back of the frame place a magnet on each corner.
  5. Cut a length of paper that is as wide as the cup is tall.
  6. Glue the paper to the cup. You can also leave the cup plain if you like.
  7. Glue the cup to the bottom edge of the frame and fill with dry erase markers once the glue dries.