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Dacor unveils voice commands for its Dual-Fuel Ranges at CES

You'll be able to control your oven by speaking to an app starting this spring.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

LAS VEGAS -- Dacor seems to be making a habit of pushing the smart capabilities of its ovens forward at CES. In 2013, it embedded an Android tablet into their wall oven to allow for cloud-assisted cooking assistance and in-depth controls. In 2014, it expanded the reach of this high-tech Discovery IQ line to Dual-Fuel ranges and updated the app to allow remote control from your Android phone. Now, in 2015, the premium appliance maker will add voice control to the mix.

iOS users will also get to join the fun via the Dacor IQ Remote app compatible with "any smart phone or tablet." Designed for the Discovery IQ Dual-Fuel Ranges released earlier this year, tech-happy cooks can turn the oven on or off, change settings, set timers or switch on oven lights all by simply speaking to the Dacor IQ Remote app once the update goes live this spring.

Cooking assistance


In addition to remote controls, users can still access the separate Dacor IQ Cooking application for recipes and cooking assistance. You should be able to pull up what you want on your phone, then have the Android tablet embedded in your Dual-Fuel Range guide you through the steps. Right now, this cooking assistance app works only with Android.

An update that combines their functionality to give iOS users cooking guidance, and that saves Android users from the tedium of multiple apps for one machine would be great. Dacor hasn't announced anything of the sort, but perhaps we'll see something like that at next year's CES.

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Premium machines

In the meantime, the apps are available for free download now. The ovens themselves are not so budget-friendly. Both fit into the ultra-premium end Dacor is known for. The 48-inch model will retail for $12,000 with the 38-inch selling for $9,000.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

As we mentioned when they came out , these Dual-Fuel Ranges have plenty of impressive specs in the ovens themselves, and look the same as each other besides the size. In the oven, Pure Convection (with an extra heating element behind a fan that circulates the air for even cooking) highlights a list of 10 cooking modes. The gas stove top features 14-inch continuous grates for cooking with any size pan.

Dacor didn't skimp on range capability for these premium models, and it's keeping slightly ahead of the curve with technology. GE's Brillion app allows remote controls and isn't too far behind. If you're in the market for the best of the best, regardless of price, Dacor proves worthy of your consideration by continuing to push the tech capabilities of its already impressive machines.