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Snag a colorful set of Cuisinart knives for just $13 (Update: Deal expired)

That breaks down to a little more than two bucks per knife.


You may not know how bad your knives have become until you get your hands on a freshly sharpened blade. If you've been hacking away with a drawer full of dull knives, you can fix the issue in a hurry and for very little money. A snazzy set of six Cuisinart kitchen knives with matching blade guards is on sale at Amazon for just $13, down from $50.

This isn't a high-end set by any stretch, but if it's a quick fix you're after or basic blades for a budding chef, second home or RV, this set should do the trick and it's within a few bucks of its all-time low price. For more advanced kitchen weaponry, check out our list of the best chef's knives in 2021.

The discounted Cuisinart blade bundle includes an 8-inch chef's knife, an 8-inch slicing knife, an 8-inch bread knife, a 7-inch santoku knife, a 5.5-inch utility knife and a 3.5-inch paring knife. Each comes with its own protective blade guard to keep them sharp (six knives plus six guards being a "12-piece set"), even in the dreaded drawer. These ceramic-coated knives from trusty kitchen brand Cuisinart get very solid marks in buyer reviews, with new owners loving their sharpness (definitely a plus for knives) but also their comfort as you hold them. 

First published last year. Updated with new deal details.