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Cosori's super-fancy air fryers are on sale at all-time low prices

Get the 3.7-quart model for $69 or the 5.8-quart for $84. Both have presets, touch controls and a digital display.


Cosori's air-fryers are notable for their digital controls and 2-year warranties. (Oh, and today, their low prices.)


Happy Halloween, cheeps! Go ahead and stuff your face with candy; you have my permission. And it's fine, because once you add one of these air-fryers to your kitchen arsenal, you'll be living a healthier life overall. Before we jump into that, though, I wanted to put a couple especially good side-deals on your radar:

  • Walmart has the Apple Watch Series 3 GPS with Cellular for $199, the same price everyone else charges for the GPS-only version. That's an all-time low and just a flat-out fantastic deal.
  • "Robot! Vacuum the floor!" This utopian dream comes true today for cheap: For a limited time, and while supplies last, the Amarey Robot Vacuum is just $99.99 when you clip the on-page $50-off coupon and apply promo code 133A80025OFF at checkout. Amazing deal.

Okay, let's get cooking (literally). I continued to be surprised at just how much use our air-fryer gets these days. I use it to reheat pizza, with results that are one meeelion percent better than reheating in the microwave. My kid uses it to heat frozen chicken nuggets. And we all use it to roast potatoes.

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Your mileage may vary, of course, but I find it really handy to have a countertop oven that works faster (and therefore consumes less electricity) than the regular oven. (Never mind that other CNET folks are less enthusiastic about them.)

Want to see for yourself? Today only, and while supplies last, the Cosori 1500-watt programmable 3.7-quart air fryer is $68.98. Regular price: $99.99.

If you think you might want something bigger (which I recommend if you cook for more than 1-2 people), the 5.8-quart model is on sale for $83.99.

Unlike a lot of early-generation air-fryers (including the one I own currently), the Cosoris offer digital controls instead of imprecise analog dials. That way you can set the cook time and temperature exactly as needed -- and see the status of both on a digital display.

Both models offer 11 presets for things like meats, vegetables, frozen foods and desserts. (There's a 100-recipe cookbook included to get you started.)

Particularly impressive, Cosori notes that you can extend the standard one-year warranty to two years at no extra charge.

These air-fryers have a combined user rating of 4.7 stars, and that's from over 3,600 buyers. Although both Fakespot and ReviewMeta indicate a significant number of questionable reviews, I'm not sure how that's possible given the large number of them. I'll just say this: Given Amazon's return policy and Cosori's warranty, I have no qualms about recommending you try one out.

Your thoughts? What's your favorite air-fryer recipe?

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