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Cool down with a Pelonis tower fan for $60 (save $20)

A good oscillating tower fan can keep you cool, day or night.


If you've been baking in the heat the last couple of weeks and you're looking for some relief, you're not alone. While colder weather is right around the corner, the lingering heat is making everyone find innovative ways to cool off. One of the best ways to stay cool indoors is to use an oscillating tower fanThe Pelonis oscillating tower fan is a versatile option that delivers cooling airflow to your home comfortably, and it's $20 off at Amazon today, dropping to $60.

This oscillating tower fan features an auto-eco temperature control sensor that detects the current temperature of the room and increases or decreases the speed of the fan to save energy. It also has an aromatherapy setting that adds an extra touch to your room by gently spraying the surrounding area with your favorite fragrance, using essential oils. An included remote control lets you adjust the fan's settings from a distance, and a built-in handle makes it easy to move from room to room. 

Best of all, people who sleep with fans on at night can use its sleep mode to reduce noise while still getting the air circulation you need for a peaceful night's sleep. If you're looking for a tower fan to keep your home cool during the day and through the night, this well-rated option can go the distance.