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Cook as you are with adjustable grill tables

The Cook-n-Dine adjustable grill tables are portable and can be used at different heights. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, the tables offer convenience and versatility.

Dinner on the go settles down (or up) with the Cook-n-Dine adjustable grill tables.
Dinner on the go settles down (or up) with the Cook-n-Dine adjustable grill tables. Cook-n-Dine

Grabbing a bite to go is an easily accomplished task that occurs daily at fast-food drive-through windows everywhere. Naturally, all this eating on the run is often a matter of necessity. But it is not only the need to eat that drives this ongoing mobile munching; it also happens to be quite convenient. Just like the quickest way between two points happens to be a straight line, the quickest way to satiating hunger is to get to the food quickly.

The shortest distance between cooking food and eating it doesn't have to be a circuitous route. The new Cook-n-Dine adjustable grill tables get straight to the point. Featuring an innovative cooking surface, the "cooking furniture" is designed to be used anywhere as long as it is within reach of an electrical outlet. Not only are the tables mounted on casters for easy maneuverability, but they also can be raised and lowered as desired.

Food on the go can finally settle down; in the living room, on the patio, wherever. The adjustable tables come in a few different configurations and include two different coffee tables as well as one that rises from dining to bar table height. The collection is available with a stainless-steel base or with an anthracite powder-coated base. When not in use as a cooking surface, the tables still happen to be, well, tables, so don't worry: that favorite fast-food burger still has a place to go.

(Via Appliancist)