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Coffee Enthusiasts Can Save Big on Makers, Carafes, Espresso Machines, Grinders and More

Whether you like your brew hot or cold, complicated or simple, you can grab discounted name brand coffee gear to sate your caffeine cravings.

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If you're like me, you get your morning going and put a little pep in your step with that tried-and-true staple: coffee. It's a tradition going back ages, and if you need a new coffee-making setup, Woot has you covered. From now through Friday, May 13, save up to 68% off new and refurbished coffee and espresso makers, coffee in capsules, K-cups and bags, electric kettles and more.

Brim and Cuisinart espresso machines are discounted up to 35%, with a large, professional-use model if you want to entertain for just $240, so you can froth your milk, brew strong and make a mug of the good stuff. Ninja's two standouts on the list, the DualBrew Specialty Coffee System for $100 and the Hot and Iced 10 cup coffee maker, which is down to $80, are both refurbished but still impressive machines. The cold-brew coffee makers start at only $10, with a 2-quart model at half price for $19. Brim rounds out the list with 68% off its eco-friendly carafe with a reusable filter for only $13. 

There are three great grinders from Brim, Chefman and Secura that come in hot at up to 50% off, to face the daily grind with one of your own. And if you're not much of a coffee enthusiast, you can get your own morning buzz with two selections of electric kettles discounted up to 30% off. The gooseneck from Brim and the short-spout from Ovente let you leaf the beans behind. With these offerings from Woot, you can kick off your day with a cup of brown joy without breaking the bank. 

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