CNET's Connected Home panel at CES 2014: The replay

CNET gathered a group of experts from five companies on the cutting edge of home automation to discuss the future of the category at CES 2014. Here's what they said.

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Watch this: The fully integrated smart home is coming: CNET's CES panel

LAS VEGAS -- The notion of "smart appliances" and "home automation" have been dominant themes at CES for years -- decades, even -- but they always seemed to be just over the horizon, a Jetsons fantasy that would never come true.

But technology has a funny way of catching up with fantasy. The Connected Home is finally -- finally -- becoming a real thing. And not just for gadget tinkerers and eggheads, either.

With the smart appliance category on the precipice of going mainstream, CES 2014 was a perfect time to take stock of this emerging technology space. We brought together some of the best thinkers and top names in the field, including: GE Home & Business Solutions Manager John Ouseph; Nest co-founder and VP of Engineering Matt Rogers; Revolv co-founder and Head of Marketing Mike Soucie; Philips' Head of Technology, Connected Lighting George Yianni; Belkin Director of Product Management Ohad Zeira, and CNET Executive Editor Rich Brown, who oversees our team of smart-home and appliances reviewers in Louisville, Ky. CNET Reviews Editor in Chief Lindsey Turrentine hosted and moderated the panel discussion.

The panel took place on Wednesday, January 8, 2014, in the Las Vegas Convention Center. The full video is embedded above (run time is about an hour).

CNET Connected Home panel at CES
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