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Burnie Grill burns with nothing more than a match

The Burnie Grill is a one-use grill made from wood and charcoal. The grill burns itself out after a couple of hours.

Grab a match and the Burnie Grill and you are good to go grill.
Grab a match and the Burnie Grill and you are good to go grill. Burnie

Cooking innovations happen all the time. They can happen inside the kitchen or out. When new products get introduced, they usually build on previous iterations; start with a toaster and end up with a toaster oven (and beyond). This is just the natural order of things. So, rarely do see you see a new (or at least new and commonly available) concept applied to something so elemental as, well, an element. Fire.

The Burnie Grill is a hunk of wood that you take outside and burn. Pretty basic, right? Sure, this is fire and wood we are talking about, after all. However, the neat part is, all you need to get the bonfire going is a match and somewhere safe to set it.

Billing itself as an "all-wood self-burning grill," the grab-and-go fire-maker consists of a specially carved alder wood body that includes charcoal. Best of all, no lighter fluid is needed, as a wick in the center starts the fun. When the fire gets going, pans or grill grates can be placed directly on the flat top. After the fun, the grill itself burns out.

The Burnie Grill is available in either large or medium (because who wants a "small" campfire?) and weighs either 5 pounds or 3.5 pounds. The large version ($14.95) has a burn time of 2.5 hours and the medium ($12.95) will last 1.5 hours. Have fun, and don't forget the marshmallows.

(Via Cool Material)