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Bring diner food home with the Backyard Flat Top Grill

The Backyard Flat Top Grill offers a nice alternative to open-flame cooking. The flat cooking surface is designed to make everything from breakfast to dinner.

The Backyard Flat Top Grill knows what dreams are made of.
The Backyard Flat Top Grill knows what dreams are made of. Hammacher Schlemmer

The back yard is a place where dreams are made. But every dream has to start somewhere. Usually however, one is still asleep. Not so with the wide-open expanse that the patio can provide. There, in fertile ground, dreams develop and flavor builds, cascading into deliciousness as the scent from a sizzle wafts through the air. Cooking food outdoors opens up more than just our olfactory receptors; it also inspires creativity while providing an overall sense of well-being -- oh, and breakfast now too.

Like a traditional grill in a diner, the Backyard Flat Top Grill (499.95) provides a wide-open cooking expanse that opens up possibilities. With a large cooking surface and four independently controlled gas burners, the outdoor appliance is designed for cooking everything from breakfast to dinner. Convenient shelving underneath and along the sides provide room for cooking utensils and accessories.

A nice departure from an ordinary open-flame grill, the outdoor flat-top grill brings home the bacon. In action, the versatility of the flat cooking surface means much more than just being able to cook foods such as pancakes and eggs outdoors. Think grilled onions and burgers at the same time. Now take a deep breath; smells good, doesn't it? Open your eyes, it's not a dream; there is a diner waiting for you right in the back yard.