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Break apart the Kuuk Magnetic Wine Glass on purpose

The Kuuk Magnetic Shatterproof Outdoor Wine Glasses are composed of two pieces. The stems remove and store inside the wine glasses.

The Kuuk Magnetic Shatterproof Outdoor Wine Glass is ready for action.
The Kuuk Magnetic Shatterproof Outdoor Wine Glass is ready for action. Amazon

Picnic people tend to be quite organized. Somehow, they manage to pare down the essentials of a meal into a little box. Now granted, a picnic consists of one meal at a time, so getting everything into the picnic basket doesn't mean the whole kitchen has to fit, but there does require planning ahead. For instance, if drinking wine, one must remember the stemware. Yes, the wine glasses with stems.

Those pesky little stems. Whether glass or plastic, wine glasses with stems are susceptible to breaking simply because stems are well, stems. Thin and unprotected they tend to snap apart sooner or later. The way around this is to either go stemless, or to protect the stem. If choosing the latter route, that doesn't have to mean using bubble wrap.

The Kuuk Magnetic Shatterproof Outdoor Wine Glass (about $10) stores the stem inside of the glass. When it comes time to partake, pop out the stem, put it in place and the polycarbonate wine glass holds it together magnetically.

Fitting into one convenient package the wine glass can be tossed into a picnic basket without worry about the stem snapping off. When arriving at the picnic spot, instead of finding frustrating damage scattered among the food, one finds the enjoyment of deliciousness about to be had -- that is until one realizes the bottle opener was left at home.