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Bose has been secretly working on high-tech stoves

CNET got an exclusive look at Bose's upcoming induction stovetop that it designed to create the ultimate cooking experience. See it action.

Sarah Tew/CNET
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CNET's Ashlee Clark Thompson wrote an article last June about how audio giant Bose had filed a patent for a new induction cooktop system and was poised to enter the appliance market.

Bose didn't have a comment at the time we ran the article, but when we went to visit Bose recently, it gave CNET an exclusive demo of the system -- code-named Project Vortex and in development for 10 years -- with Bose Senior Research Engineer Ken Jacob cooking the perfect crepe for us in one try.

Bose won't make the stovetops itself. In the coming months, Jacob says, it will announce a partnership with a major appliance company to manufacture the system. That company probably won't be Samsung or GE, which currently sell induction ranges that rely on electromagnetism to create heat and cost more than traditional electric or gas ranges. (You can learn more about the science of induction here).

You can read more about our visit to Bose's secret research labs in our feature "Bose's new beat," but here's our video of Project Vortex in action.

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