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Bosch MyWay racks help you find more space for your dishes

Bosch's deeper third racks offer a little extra room for bowls and cups.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

The third rack isn't just for silverware anymore. With Bosch's new MyWay rack, you can fit bowls, cups or silverware.

As with LG's latest dishwasher innovation at CES -- four spray arms -- Bosch isn't exactly lighting the world on fire here. That said, the Bosch SHS63VL5UC mastered our cleaning tests but was a pain to use. If this dishwasher innovation helps solve that problem, it would be a welcome change.

With the extra space taken by the deeper third rack, that's less of a gap between racks and more surface area to cover. Plus, you'll inevitably be able to fit more place settings given the extra room. Hopefully, Bosch's spray arms will be up to the new challenge.

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The new Bosch MyWay racks were on display at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Orlando and should be included in models available to purchase starting in March. Right now, Bosch is only planning to include the feature in the company's high end Benchmark series, so expect to shell out upwards of $1,300 to put bowls in your third rack. We don't know if Bosch will be rolling out the MyWay racks overseas, but converted, that's more than £1,070 or AU$1,750.