Bosch brings a sleek finish to budget-friendly 100 Series dishwashers

Bosch's new entry-level line offers relatively quiet performance and a smudge-proof design.

Andrew Gebhart Former senior producer
2 min read

Bosch is making a move to win over budget conscious dishwasher shoppers. The appliance manufacturer is rolling out a new 100 Series dishwasher line this week that features a fingerprint resistant finish and useful extras like a third rack for prices starting at $499.

The 100 Series line will offer models with a utility rack in place of a third rack as well. A third rack tends to be specifically for silverware whereas a utility rack is a little deeper and offers room for small cups and bowls.

In addition to the extra racks, Bosch is also adding its PrecisionWash System to all 100 Series models, so they'll supposedly be able to handle any mess you might throw at them. The 100 Series models will offer sound ratings as low as 48 dBA. 48 dBA is pretty quiet for an entry-level dishwasher, but Bosch's premium models can go as low as 38 dBA. Check out our dishwasher buying guide for more on how to pick the best sound rating for you. 

Bosch's Ascenta line has served as its entry-level models to this point, and the 100 Series will not replace the Ascenta line, just offer alternative features at similar prices. Ascenta models also start at $500, but you need to pay $600 or more before you start getting extras like a utility rack and a stainless finish. With the 100 Series, you can get a utility rack for $500, but need to pay $700 to get the lowest sound rating of 48 dBA in the line.