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Bonaverde's ultra-capable coffee maker is finally for sale

Anyone can now buy the Bonaverde Berlin coffee all-in-one roaster, grinder and brewer.

Bonaverde's coffee maker.


Four years after it first hit Kickstarter, Bonaverde's smart coffee all-in-one roaster, grinder and brewer machine is finally for sale. The crowdfunded startup is officially accepting cold, hard cash for its $799 Berlin coffee maker

Earlier this year, Bonaverde offered the first batch of uber-sophisticated kitchen appliances to Kickstarter backers only. This time, however, the company says anyone can get their hands on the machine.

The Berlin is unique; I don't know any other contraption built for ordinary consumers that can take raw coffee beans and transform them into a real beverage all by itself. Besides roasting, the brewer also has a burr grinder with adjustable coarseness settings. Bonaverde also says the coffee maker will have "intelligent" water temperature control. This, combined with a large "shower brewing head" to evenly soak grounds, should ensure optimal flavor extraction while brewing.

At almost $800 a pop (which converts to approximately £610 or AU$1035), the cost of entry is pretty steep, and that's just the beginning. Unless you were one of the original group of investors who purchased the first run of Berlin coffee makers, you can't roast your own beans. Instead, you must buy servings of green coffee directly from Bonaverde. Right now, Bonaverde sells a pack of 40 green bean pouches (plus an extra air filter) for a whopping $65 (£50, AU$85). And using pre-ground beans is off-limits for anyone who owns the Berlin, no matter when you purchased it. How's that for a closed coffee system?

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