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Snatch a Bodum French press coffee maker for 30% off right now

See what all the French press fuss is about and save some counter space while you're at it.


Using a French press coffee maker has some distinct advantages over a drip machine. For one, it'll save you some serious counter space, since the average French press is about the size of a large jar. You can also easily sling your French press along on camping trips or to an Airbnb. French press purists also contend that coffee filters remove oils and flavors from the beans, so the French press method, with no coffee filter used, results in a fuller taste. If you've felt the urge to go French, you can snatch a sleek Bodum Chambord French press coffee maker for 30% off down to $28 right now on Amazon. 

When CNET's Brian Bennett tested French presses recently, this exact model made his list of the best French presses for brewing strong, well-balanced and richly flavored coffee and having a classic, eye-catching look. The Bodum is 34 ounces (a little more than 4 cups), which is a great size for a household with two coffee drinkers and comes in black at the sale price. 

And if you're an iced coffee drinker, snatch up the Hyperchiller for $25 (also on Amazon) and get full-flavored French press coffee chilled in under 60 seconds without watering it down. 

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