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12 Bizarre Kitchen Tools That Actually Work

These giftable kitchen tools may look a bit strange, but they pull their weight.

Joey Skladany
3 min read

'Tis the season for giving. But chances are likely that the amateur cook in your life didn't put a Loch Ness monster ladle or a crab utensil rest on their holiday wish list. That doesn't mean, however, that those gizmos aren't worthwhile investments. These 12 unusual cooking tools may become essentials, despite their curious or humorous designs. We typically advise against superfluous unitaskers, but these whimsical devices pull their weight in the kitchen.

Check out our favorites below, all of which have been filed under things we never thought we needed but that've quickly become mealtime favorites. 

avocado slicer in action

This angel-shaped device puts the holy in holy guacamole with a dishwasher-safe "halo" that effortlessly slices and peels avocados. You now have no excuse to buy the store-bought tubs of America's favorite Taco Tuesday dip when the prep work is this easy. 

chainsaw electric carving knife
Mighty Carver

We never knew we needed a chainsaw-shaped carving knife in our lives, but this has become a mealtime essential. Whether it's pineapple, bread or the holiday turkey, its stainless steel blades power through any tough-to-cut ingredient, making it a tool that's equal parts practical and entertaining. 

bacon grease being strained into bin

Weekends are for cooking an excessive amount of bacon to lure you and your family out of bed. And now you can reserve its beloved leftover grease with this strainer and collector, which captures the hot liquid, cools it, and stores it for future use (or to be discarded safely instead of clogging a sink drain). It can hold up to a cup of fat and is safe to toss in the refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher and microwave. 

garlic in cast iron roaster

If it's Italian night in your home, or you're hoping to ward off vampires, this cast-iron garlic roaster is a kitchen gadget must-have. Manufactured to retain garlic's natural moisture and flavor, the bulb-shaped cast-iron beauty will guarantee soft, spreadable cloves every time, which is great for dinnertime but not your breath. 

school bus egg holder in fridge

All aboard a one-way trip to breakfast town with this bright yellow school bus that holds a dozen eggs. You can, of course, keep your favorite morning protein in its original carton, but why not invest in something that'll have you cracking a smile in the morning as you sip coffee and start the day? 

hand pepper mill grinding pepper

Need a hand? Here's a literal one that crushes any spice to add instant flavor to food. Featuring five movable fingers made from solid beechwood, it is a conversation starter that practically begs to be on top of any dining table. 

chicken shredder

Gone are the days of shredding chicken and pork with two forks. This unique contraption allows you to place fresh-cooked, tender meat in its chamber, give it a few twists, and then enjoy juicy, pulled tendrils that you can serve in a taco or toss in barbecue sauce. 

bike pizza cutter slicing pizza

Looking for a wheely good gift idea for the cyclist in your life who carbo-loads with pizza? Look no further than this adorable bike cutter, complete with a seat and handlebars, which will guide you through a delicious course of crust, sauce, cheese and pepperoni. 


The gang's all here with this colorful array of human-shaped kitchen utensils that'll make cooking and baking a whole lot more fun. The six-piece set features a silicone-based spatula, potato masher, whisk, ice cream scoop, basting brush and pasta fork that can easily be stored in a dollhouse drawer when not in use. 

gingerbread tongs
Williams Sonoma

Run, run as fast as you can to get your hands on these silicone tongs that are perfect for transferring -- you guessed it -- homemade gingerbread cookies from baking sheet to plate. They're also great for the grill, with heat-resistant silicone grips that'll stand up to flames as you flip burgers, hot dogs and kebabs. 

potato masher

We never thought tentacles were the best for mashing fork-tender potatoes, avocados and beans, but here we are with this Kraken-inspired gadget that looks like it belongs in the Little Mermaid's lair of underwater treasures. It's also been created to prevent and lower muscle fatigue for those with more sensitive wrists. 

Knife making crinkle cut in potato
Infantlu Bright

Speaking of potatoes, if you're a fan of crinkle-cut fries (or any veggie, for that matter), this wavy edged knife will take the place of fancy-schmancy chopping appliances that require the purchase of additional shape-creating accessories. Simply grab the ergonomically designed handle of the razor-sharp blade and slice with caution. And then voila! The most dippable homemade fry known to man (or at least your significant other, who will reap the benefits of your labor).