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9 fun and functional containers for storing Thanksgiving leftovers

If you're lucky enough to have any, that is.

Jen Wheeler Editor / Chowhound
After 10+ years in customer service, Jen is now an editor at Chowhound and still can't believe she's basically living her childhood dream (of writing for Gourmet magazine). Naturally, she loves to eat, cook, read, and write. Baltimore-born and raised, Pacific NW-matured, she still prefers blue crabs to Dungeness.
Jen Wheeler
3 min read

Real talk: Thanksgiving leftovers are even better than the main event, if only because you get to enjoy them in a relatively peaceful house (and pants are totally optional while you're eating your cold stuffing straight from the bowl). These are some of the best storage containers for your leftovers, if you're lucky enough to have them -- and they're as stylish as they are functional.


This sleek plastic storage bowl is BPA free but also available in ceramic, and in a range of pale, pretty colors in either material. The protective silicone strap is standard on all versions, but reviews suggest it's not ideal for transporting liquids -- so don't try to stash leftover butternut squash soup in your purse for Black Friday camp-out sustenance. But salad, sweet potatoes and green bean casserole (or anything stored in your fridge, for that matter) will be just fine.


These rainbow-rimmed containers will add real pizzazz to cold mashed potatoes (or whatever else you put in them), and the color-coded dots in the bottom of each container coordinate with the lids -- so you'll never grab the wrong one and experience that square-peg, round-hole moment of trying to make it fit. The pieces also nest, making for space-saving storage in your cabinets in between batches of leftovers. If you like the look but are prone to dropping things, consider this newer set with lockable lids.


Another nesting storage set. These bowls come in two sizes: deep and shallow. The deeper bowls hold more food, of course, but the shallow set will easily fit into freezers, crisper drawers and other tight spaces. Choose from nine gorgeous colors and get four bowls in that single shade, or opt for the deep jewel tones of the mixed set and get an extra bowl (five total). The lids match the bowls, but their tops are see-through so you can identify your leftovers at a glance. These are microwave and dishwasher safe too.


This eco-friendly option includes three smaller stainless steel bowls with leak-proof silicone lids, designed to be healthier for you and for the planet. Perfect for toting lunch, or storing less abundant leftovers (if you made a small-scale Thanksgiving dinner or just had an especially hungry horde). While these obviously can't go in the microwave, they are dishwasher and oven-safe.


That aforementioned butternut squash soup? This insulated, wide-mouth, vacuum-seal flask is perfect for storing it -- and for toting your leftover turkey soup to work when you're back to the grind (so meta), and keeping them warm until afternoon thanks to the copper lining. It's leak-proof and available in coal-black or crystal-white and the included bamboo spoon is a nice touch.


These glass storage containers boast snap-on lids and brightly colored silicone covers that make them easier to grip (even with slippery fingers after picking turkey meat off the carcass). They also protect your fingers from superheated glass when taking your freshly nuked leftovers out of the microwave.


This adorable trio of Pyrex containers comes in a small size perfect for petite portions of leftover gravy or sweet potato casserole (or a single, precious slice of pie) -- and super cute for sending guests home with a little nibble too.


A greener alternative to traditional plastic sandwich bags, these zip-stop silicone bags have the added bonus of a flat bottom so they stand up straight -- which makes filling them with one hand so much easier. It also acts as added insurance against leaks, just in case (let no speck of cranberry sauce go to waste). The bright colors are just icing on the cake. Or whipped cream on the pie?


OK, these aren't containers, but they are amazing. Instead of wrestling with plastic wrap (and throwing copious amounts of it away), use these airtight silicone lids to snugly cover cups, bowls, pots and other containers of nearly any size (you get five lids of varying sizes in the set). They also work as lids and splatter screens when cooking and are oven-safe up to 550 degrees F. Dishwasher-safe too, not to mention non-porous so they're resistant to odors, stains and bacteria. Need more? The knobs on top mean they stack neatly together for storage

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