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Best post-Prime Day kitchen deals (Update: Expired)

Missed Prime Day? Don't worry, there are still kitchen and cookware deals to be found.

Amazon Prime Day has come and gone but the kitchen deals carry on. While the bulk of Amazon's best deals have expired, there are still Prime Day-style kitchen and cookware price drops at various vendors, so if you're a budding home chef looking to add a special pan, appliance or gadget to your arsenal, this is still a good time to do it.

A few of the best live kitchen bargains that we found include a reconditioned Dyson Tower fan down to $180 and the Anova Nano sous vide precision cooker for $30 off at Amazon. Below you'll find the best kitchen and cookware discounts still on, but be sure to check back as we'll be updating this list frequently with the latest post-Prime Day deals.


I own one of these and it's impressively powerful and quiet all at once. There's always a risk in buying a renewed product but, if you think about it, fans generally take as gentle a beating as any home appliance. For one, they're mostly stationary. Plus, they don't get handled and touched regularly or for long periods of time -- just turned on and off. There's also a 180-day warranty for a little extra peace of mind. 

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Anova Culinary

If you haven't tried sous vide cooking yet, this would be a good time to snatch up a restaurant-quality unit. The nano is Anova's entry-level precision cooker model but it still racks up extremely solid reviews and it's $30 off right now.

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I upgraded to a light and maneuverable stick vacuum last year and I've never enjoyed vacuuming so much. I'd never really enjoyed it all before if I'm being honest. I've poked around and $99 is a very good price for a stick vacuum with good power and a trusted name behind it. The only drawback of this one is that it's not cordless, but it does have a 27-foot-long cord, so you won't be searching for new outlets all afternoon.


Those without space for a big gas grill don't have to live without coveted grill marks. Those lines aren't just pretty, either, they provide a subtle crispiness and char flavor that can only be described as peak summer. For burgers, pork chops, fish and chicken, you'll get outdoor grill-like results with this grill pan. Plus, it's nonstick to make cleanup easy.


These indoor pod gardens are all the rage, and AeroGarden is still leading the way. It's a self-contained growing system that provides water and light via LEDs, so you can sit back and enjoy fresh herbs, lettuce, chives and cherry tomatoes. This is as low a price as we've seen for the version with six pods of seeds.


This powerful little push-top blender was already down to a near-all-time low of $60 on and then we discovered an active promo code HSN2021 that saves you another $20. That brings the 900-watt personal blender down to a measly $40, and that's honestly just too good to pass up.


For all the latte and iced coffee drinkers out there, this advanced Ninja coffee system has special brew settings designed for both. The foldaway frother lets you create specialty drinks.


It is most definitely tong season and this set of two pairs has a nearly perfect score in 9,600 Amazon reviews. It's also down to $7 right now.


The top-rated Bella 2-quart digital air fryer is also down to $20. That's $30 off the normal price and a solid deal on a digital air fryer with computerized cooking presets and programs. The Bella air fryer might also make a great gift for a college grad or student headed out into the world.

Bella Pro

This is a lot of air fryer for not a lot of money. The Emerald has 5.2 liters of cooking capacity to keep the whole gang fed with oil-free french fries, chicken fingers and other crispy snacks. It's also got a digital interface and presets for easy one-button cooking.


This is a solid price on a powerful personal blender from a top-rated brand. The Auto-IQ function helps keep the results smooth even when you're blending dense and frozen ingredients.

Williams Sonoma

If I had to pick one piece of cookware to save in a fire, it would definitely be my Staub 4-quart cocotte (fancy speak for Dutch oven). Right now the very same one I use and absolutely adore is down to just $197 in turquoise color. 

Staub is up at the top of the heap with crafters like Le Creuset and Mauviel when speaking of fine French cookware, and this is a versatile piece you (or the lucky person you snag it for) will be using for decades, if not longer. This is a major deal on a fine piece of cookware, perfect for braising, stewing, sauces and oven roasts. Enameled cast iron couldn't be easier to clean and it looks so darn good on your range. The rustic pot is available in select colors at this low price.


This fancy digital meat thermometer connects to your phone so you can putz around the house while a big turkey, roast or brisket cooks. It'll alert you when it's done so you nail that internal temp every time. Talk about a great Father's Day gift for a pitmaster dad, especially if you snatch one up on sale.


While Vitamix may be the darling of the home blender world, Blendtec is not far behind with regard to power and performance. If you know where to look you can get one for quite a bit cheaper, too. Speaking of which, Home Depot currently has a very powerful Blendtec Classic 570 down to $200.


When you sign up for the popular wine subscription service, Winc will start you off with a seriously good deal on bottles of vino. You'll save a flat $30 on your first Winc order or bag four bottles for $30. Even more fun, the brand gets right inside your head with an in-depth palate analysis to find the best bottles for you before you build your box of wine.

Instant Pot

The best deal of the week on Instant Pots expired, but this is still a very solid price on one of the brand's popular 6-quart models. The Viva is an offshoot of the popular Duo model with the addition of sous vide and cake-making (!) options, according to Instantpotology. It does just about everything you'd want or need a multicooker to do including steam, sterilize, porridge, warm and yogurt. 

Instant Pot

The Duo Plus has a few key enhancements over the original Duo, including an egg function and a sterilization function for all you picklers. According to our price tracker, this is about the lowest the Duo Plus' price has ever dropped. 


An even more budget-friendly option is Keurig's smaller pod coffee maker, the K-Slim, which is down to $50. It's a compact model but still has a 46-ounce backup reservoir so you're not constantly refilling it.


You can level up to the 5200 with a more powerful motor and larger blender cup and still save huge. The 5200 is down as low as we've found it for Prime Day. Otherwise, it has all the same functions as the Explorian.


Did someone order a bunch of meat? Yes, and it was Dad. This is a pretty incredible deal, I must say: Spend $150 stocking up on premium meat and seafood for your next grilling session and score one of the following for free: Either 2 pounds of wild Gulf shrimp, 12 wagyu burgers (my pick) or four center cut sirloins. This Father's Day deal is only valid today and is guaranteed to arrive by next Sunday. Dad is totally going to freak.

You can also nab a cool $15 off any order with special code RASTELLIS15 but it can't be combined with the above deal.

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