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Best Prime Day kitchen deals: Instant Pots, coffee makers, blenders, cookware and more

Amazon and other retailers are dropping major deals on kitchen gear and gadgets, small appliances, cookware, food, wine and more for Prime Day. We found the best.

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This story is part of Amazon Prime Day 2021, CNET's guide on everything you need to know and how to make sure you get the best deal.

It's officially Amazon Prime Day and there are some tempting kitchen deals all over the internet, not just on Amazon. While last year's sale was maybe a tad disappointing, we're already seeing incredible discounts and all-time-low prices on some very coveted kitchen gear, gadgets and cookware too. The best kitchen deal for Prime Day so far appears to be a record low price on an Instant Pot Duo Plus: The multicooker is down to just $55 from its normal $120 tag. There are other Pots on sale for Prime Day too, including the smaller Instant Pot Duo Nova 3-quart -- good for single folks or couples without kids -- which just dropped to $50.

You can also score big savings on SodaStream sparkling water makers, starting at $50, the fancy Nespresso Vertuo Next capsule coffee maker and a whole bunch more. We have a list of impressive Prime Day deals out now, but the best Prime Day deals usually hit without much warning, so continue to check back in with us. We'll be updating this list in real time as the sale rolls out and new deals go live.

And it's not just Amazon -- other retailers have announced counter-sales and those also include early discounts on kitchen essentials and cookware. We're keeping a close watch on Walmart, Macy's, Target, Williams Sonoma, Bed Bath & Beyond, Sur La Table and top-ticket items such as the Always Pan, Instant Pot and Opal nugget ice maker are set to drop big in the coming days. 

Below you'll find the best Prime Day kitchen and cookware deals available now. Be sure to check back often as we'll be updating this list with the latest bargains. 

Instant Pot

The Duo Plus has a few key enhancements over the original Duo, including an egg function and a sterilization function for all your picklers. According to our price tracker, this is about the lowest Duo Plus has ever dropped. 


The Nespresso Vertuo Next is quite possibly the easiest way to get your morning coffee and it's down by $94 right now for Prime Day. The sleek capsule coffee maker does both coffee and espresso, and the bundle comes with 30 pods to get you off and running. 

For $21 more you can add the milk frother and play barista at home.


An even more budget-friendly option is Keurig smaller pod coffee maker, the K-Slim, which is down to $50. It's a compact model but still has a 46-ounce backup reservoir so you're not constantly refilling.


If you're tired of hauling seltzer cans out to the street for recycling, grab this SodaStream for just $50 right now. 

For $36 more, you can upgrade to a SodaStream bundle that includes three carbonating bottles and some flavor drops. 

Remedy Organics

I got a chance to try mostly smoothie and immunity booster 3-day cleanse and was impressed with the quality and taste. It's 30 drinks in total -- 18 smoothies and 12 wellness shots -- all made with organic superfoods like maca, elderberry, turmeric, fruits, veggies and more. Even at the normal price of $125, I think this bundle of healthy meal supplements and immunity shots is a pretty solid deal but down to $100 for Prime Day, its a total steal.


If your current knives are dull both in blade and appearance, grab this colorful 12-piece set for $10 (yes, $10) and get choppin'.


There's nothing worse than watching a perfectly good or pricey bottle of wine expire in front of your eyes. The Coravin system lets you pour as much or as little as you want without removing the cork or letting any air out, thus keeping your wine fresh as a daisy for as long as it takes you to finish it.


You can stop throwing away countless little plastic sandwich bags and the money spent on 'em when you stock up on these handy reusable bags. Grab a 4-pack of Stashers in various sizes for 30% off during Prime Day. The earth will greatly appreciate it. 


I own this oven and the Crux has been as trusty a kitchen sidekick as any during this past 15 months stuck at home. It has slowly but surely replaced my large oven in daily use. 

I use it to broil fish, make chicken wings, french fries (air fried, of course), frozen dumplings and dim sum, reheat leftover pizza and more mundane duties such as toasting bread and bagels. It preheats incredibly fast and the air-frying function cooks stuff faster and crispier than you'd believe. Seriously, don't walk away once it's on or you'll come back to a cajun crust.


If you prefer to go with a more well-known brand name, Cuisinart dropped the price on it's version of the hybrid air fryer oven. It's down to $125 right now.

Instant Pot

This is an updated version of the Instant Pot. One of the big features is an automatically sealing steam valve for added safety. This 3-quart version is great for singles or couples without kids.


Have you noticed that good ice cream has gotten really expensive? Well, not if you make it at home with this top-rated ice cream maker from Cuisinart. It's down to $70 right now.

J.A. Henckels

If you're in need of some sharp and sturdy kitchen knives, J.A. Henckels is a safe bet and this six-piece set with all the essentials and a pair of sheers is down to $100 at Macy's.


It is most definitely tong season and this set of two pairs has a nearly perfect score in 9,600 Amazon reviews. It's also down to $7 right now during the pre-Prime Day sale.


This countertop water dispenser filters your tap water at the source, saving you loads on your bottled water bill.


This powerful little push-top blender was already down to a near-all-time low of $60 on and then we discovered an active promo code HSN2021 which saves you another $20. That brings the 900-watt personal blender down to a measly $40, and that's honestly just too good to pass up.


This is a very solid all-around blender that's both powerful (1,000 watts) and easy to use. It'll occasionally drop lower than $70 by a few bucks but it usually hovers around $90 or $100.


This is AeroGarden's smallest indoor garden and the perfect way to keep fresh herbs at an arm's length all year.


The top-rated Bella 2-quart digital air fryer is also down to $20. That's $30 off the normal price and a solid deal on a digital air fryer with computerized cooking presets and programs. The Bella air fryer might also make a great gift for a college grad or student headed out into the world. 


This is a whole lot of blender for not a lot of money. The Ninja Pro system includes the powerful 1,400-watt blender, of course, but also two personal blending cups to take on the go and a 64-ounce bowl that turns the whole thing into a high-octane food processor. 

Bella Pro

This is a lot of air fryer for not a lot of money. The Emerald has 5.2 liters of cooking capacity to keep the whole gang fed with oil-free french fries, chicken fingers and other crispy snacks. It's also got a digital interface and presets for easy one-button cooking.


If you like pina coladas and getting tipsy on the beach, or by the pool -- or really anywhere -- this BlendJet personal, portable, cordless blender is a summer must-have. The BlendJet One is currently down to just $25 at Macy's (normally $40). It's available in a rainbow of colors at this sale price, and it ships for free. 

Anova Culinary

If you haven't tried sous vide cooking yet, this would be a good time to snatch up a restaurant-quality unit. The nano is Anova's entry-level precision cooker model but it still racks up extremely solid reviews and it's $30 off right now. 


These indoor pod gardens are all the rage, and AeroGarden is leading the way. It's a self-contained growing system that provides water and light via LEDs, so you can sit back and enjoy fresh herbs, lettuce, chives and cherry tomatoes. This is as low a price as we've seen for the six-seedpod garden.


This is a solid price on a powerful personal blender from a top-rated brand. The Auto-IQ function helps keep the blends smooth even when using dense and frozen ingredients.

Williams Sonoma

If I had to pick one piece of cookware to save in a fire, it would definitely be my Staub 4-quart cocotte (fancy speak for Dutch oven). Right now the very same one I use and absolutely adore is down to just $201 in turquoise color. 

Staub is up at the top of the heap with crafters like Le Creuset and Mauviel when speaking of fine French cookware, and this is a versatile piece you (or the lucky person you snag it for) will be using for decades, if not longer. This is a major deal on a fine piece of cookware, perfect for braising, stewing, sauces and oven roasts. Enameled cast iron couldn't be easier to clean and it looks so darn good on your range. The rustic pot is available in select colors at this low price.


This fancy digital meat thermometer connects to your phone so you can putz around the house while a big turkey, roast or brisket cooks. It'll alert you when it's done so you nail that internal temp every time. Talk about a great Father's Day gift for a pitmaster dad, especially if you snatch one up on sale.


While Vitamix may be the darling of the home blender world, Blendtec is not far behind with regard to power and performance. If you know where to look you can get one for quite a bit cheaper, too. Speaking of which, Home Depot currently has a very powerful Blendtec Classic 570 down to $200. 


When you sign up for the popular wine subscription service, Winc will start you off with a seriously good deal on bottles of vino. You'll save a flat $30 on your first Winc order or bag four bottles for $30. Even more fun, the brand gets right inside your head with an in-depth palate analysis to find the best bottles for you before you build your box of wine.


I've looked before and this is as cheap as you'll find a large electric garbage can. I scanned the reviews and it appears to be a solid model with the occasional complaint about a slow sensor.

The 8-gallon version, good for a bathroom or bedroom, is also down to $30.


Did someone order a bunch of meat? Yes, and it was Dad. This is a pretty incredible deal, I must say: Spend $150 stocking up on premium meat and seafood for your next grilling session and score one of the following for free: Either 2 pounds of wild Gulf shrimp, 12 wagyu burgers (my pick) or four center cut sirloins. This Father's Day deal is only valid today and is guaranteed to arrive by next Sunday. Dad is totally going to freak.

You can also nab a cool $15 off any order with special code RASTELLIS15 but it can't be combined with the above deal.


KitchenAid makes the best stand mixers in the game, and this is one of its most powerful models. The bowl-lift mixer includes a coated flat beater, a power knead attachment, a spiral dough hook and a wire whip, along with the stainless-steel bowl. There are more than 10 attachments (sold separately) that'll turn this bona fide kitchen workhorse into a food grinder, an ice cream maker, a veggie spiralizer and more. This Pro stand mixer is certified refurbished and not new, but considering how well these appliances hold up over time, you should be getting a lot of value for your money. Note certain colors may be sold out.

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