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Free Ground Beef for Life and More Meat Delivery Deals

We found sales and deals on quality beef, pork, chicken and fish to stock your freezer.

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If you're looking for big deals on quality meat and fish, now is the time to order up and stock the freezer for spring. Some of our favorite online butchers are running seasonal sales and sign-up discounts on meat delivery that you shouldn't miss -- especially if you're hungry.

If you've been considering an online meat delivery service or a monthly meat subscription, we tested the best places to order meat online in 2022. These convenient e-butchers offer home delivery of quality grass-fed, sustainably raised and specialty cuts, including Wagyu beef, Berkshire pork, organic chicken and lamb all with just a few mouse clicks, saving you a trip to the store. 

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The deal: This is one is only for new customers. Sign up for ButcherBox delivery and you'll two free pounds of grass-fed, grass-finished beef in every box for the life of your subscription.

You can cancel at any time so snag this offer and see how you like the service. If you restart your subscription later, the free ground beef will still be included in each box.

About ButcherBox: ButcherBox is a meat subscription service that offers organic chicken, crate-free pork, wild-caught seafood and its signature Australian beef that is all 100% grass-fed and pasture-raised. (Grass-fed beef is said to be higher in antioxidants, vitamins and healthy fatty acids, is often more environmentally friendly since it's pastured and not raised on feedlots, and has a purer beefy taste.) Australian beef is some of the best and most regulated in the world. Boxes start at $129 per month for 8 to 11 pounds of meat and go up from there.

The deal: Rastelli's is having a spring sale with 30% off select meats from the popular online butcher. Just punch in promo code SPRING30 at checkout. This sale runs through the end of the month.

About Rastelli's: Rastelli's started out as a small butcher shop in New Jersey serving its local community, but it's always put a premium on the best meat possible and is driven by a love of good food. Today it ships beef, poultry and seafood across the US from farms that produce responsibly raised meats free of antibiotics, steroids and hormones. And it sources wild-caught and sustainably raised seafood like Faroe Island salmon.

Omaha Steaks

The deal: Omaha Steaks always has a handful of deals and bundles to sort through, far more than other online butchers we use. The Classic Omaha Assortment has 27 total items including 18 servings of meat and lots of sides for just $138.

About Omaha Steaks: The OG Omaha Steaks has been in the meat delivery business for as long as I can remember. It has a preference for grass-fed beef, though both grain- and grass-fed are offered. Omaha doesn't advertise organic meat like others or provide much information about how the animals are raised, but with a nearly "100-year-old tradition of premium, aged and hand-trimmed beef and satisfaction guarantee," it has plenty to brag about.

Holy Grail Steak Co.

The deal: Wagyu is not cheap, so I usually head straight for the sale section at Holy Grail. Right now you can nab a 24-pack of Wagyu burgers for $169 (save $35), among other offers.

About Holy Grail Steak Co.: If you're looking for the very best in beef and have a few extra pennies to spend on good meat, let us introduce you to Holy Grail Steak Co. The newcomer to the high-end meat-delivery game sells the best American-raised Wagyu with a deep portfolio of top A5-grade Japanese Wagyu producers on the planet. This includes ultrarare Hokkaido Snow Beef and beloved Kobe Beef. On the website, you can sift through meat "collections" like Japanese Wagyu, American Wagyu, USDA Prime Black Angus, Akaushi, steak flights and Wagyu burgers.

Porter Road

The deal: Porter Road has some seriously good cuts of beef, pork and chicken and it's letting many of them go for cheap during this Stock Up sale. Nab flank steaks, pork shanks and hot dogs for up to 20% off.

About Porter Road: Based in Nashville, Porter Road offers a variety of cuts of prime beef, pork, lamb and chicken, sourced from Kentucky and Tennessee. Its beef is pasture-raised, grass-fed and grain-finished, but the company uses no added hormones or antibiotics and the animals are free to roam and graze. You can place a single order or curate a subscription and add or subtract from it whenever you want.

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