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Best Halloween Costumes for Pets

In need of a Halloween costume for your furry friend? No need to stress, I compiled a list of the best costumes for your pet.

As spooky season creeps around the corner, one question haunts most people's minds: What will I be for Halloween? Once you've decided on your costume, make sure you don't forget about your favorite furry companion. 

From pumpkins to minions, your pet can be virtually anything you want them to be. I know my little dog can't be bothered to wear a Halloween costume but my cousin's cat doesn't mind an elaborate outfit thrown on her. Whether your dog is as picky as mine or more adaptable like my cousin's cat, here's a list of the best Halloween costumes for all types of pets. 

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The classics 

First, let's take a look at the classic Halloween costumes for your pet. 


When it's time to get a mooo-ve on with your pet's Halloween costume, consider this cute cow two-piece for them. Not only is the classic cow costume adorable, but it also seems to be quite comfortable for all furry friends.


A jack-o-lantern costume is the best way to tap into the true spirit of Halloween. This bright orange friendly jack-o-lantern pumpkin costume will make your dog outstanding in their field. 


Your pet doesn't need to drink a Red Bull to get some wings, this super cute butterfly costume will transform them into the flying creature they always wanted to be. The simple costume comes with a set of wings and antennas to complete the look. 

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For pop culture lovers 

If you're a pup culture lover (sorry, not sorry), these costumes are the ones for you. 


If you don't want your pet to be dressed as a ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-nana, dress them as a minion. The minions made an incredible comeback this year with Minions: The Rise of Gru this past July, so why not dress your pet up as one of the biggest cultural icons this year? This adorable minion costume includes a step-in shirt with a minion headpiece. 

Party City

This costume is a favorite of mine. The Light-Up Zero Dog Costume replicates Jack Skellington's dog in The Nightmare Before Christmas. This costume includes a lightweight ghost top with a headpiece that has a light-up orange nose. 

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Nothing says Halloween like Michael Myers. Dress your pet in this spooky Michael Myers costume, which includes an attached mask and knife. This costume will make the smallest dogs who wear it have the bigger animals running for the hills!


Wake up and smell the coffee this year by dressing your best furry friend up as a loveable Starbucks barista. This simple green apron is perfect for even the pickiest of pets. 

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For picky pets

Let's be honest, you can buy as many elaborate costumes for your pet as you want, but it doesn't mean they're going to want to wear them. Here are some options for those pets who simply cannot bear wearing a full body costume. 

Pet Smart

These colorful candy dog pajamas make for a perfect, breathable costume for your pet. The pajamas have a cute candy design along the outside with a patch in the middle that says "Eye Candy." The candy pajamas will for sure make your dog the eye candy of all other animals this Halloween.


These bat wings are perfect for the pickiest cats and dogs. The reflective wings are attached to a harness so your pet won't get too irritated by them. 


Dress your pet up as the one of the most beloved treats there is. This adorable donut costume simply wraps around your pet's neck, it's that easy. With little effort your pet will be the sweetest looking treat this Halloween.


When in doubt, a festive Halloween t-shirt will solve all of your costume dilemmas. There are so many options for Halloween t-shirts, you can have your pet reppin' your favorite Halloween movie or just go with a basic Halloween pumpkin or ghost design. 

$17 at Amazon
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Party City

If all other costumes fail, a Halloween theme bandana to put around your pet's neck is always a good option to fall back on. My personal favorite is this "Boo" bandana that still gives a spooky flair to a basic accessory.