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Audio giant Bose interested in stovetop technology

The speaker and sound systems maker is poised to enter the kitchen appliance market, according to recently released patent applications.

A schematic of Bose's cooktop power control system from the company's patent application.US Patent and Trademark Office

Speakers, sound systems and stovetops?

Audio-equipment company Bose Corporation appears to be interested in adding kitchen appliances to its roster of products, according to recently released records from the US Patent and Trademark Office. Bose filed a patent application for a "cooktop power control system" that can alter the power of burners based on desired and actual cookware temperatures. The Patent Office released the filing June 4.

Bose has not returned requests for comment.

Bose uses an induction cooktop to illustrate the technology in the company's patent application, but reiterates throughout the document that the system can work regardless of the source of power (i.e, gas or electric). But the Massachusetts-based company has also filed patent applications for induction cookware and a "cooking temperature and power control" in the past year, the Boston Business Journal reported, which shows that Bose has at least a strong interest in developing an appliance with induction.

If Bose creates an induction cooktop, the audio giant would face competition from established appliance manufacturers like Samsung and GE that already have induction ranges on the market.

Induction cooktops rely on electromagnetism to create heat. These cooktops cook food more efficiently and safely, but are generally more expensive than traditional electric or gas ranges. ( Read more about the science of induction here.)