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Amazon's Dash service expands with more options to reorder automatically

Amazon's Dash Replenishment Service adds new partners in the UK, including Bosch, Siemens and Kyocera.

Megan Wollerton Former Senior Writer/Editor

More Amazon-Dash-enabled devices just reached the UK. And there are even more to come.


Amazon on Wednesday announced that its UK Dash Replenishment Service now works with select dishwashers from Bosch and Siemens -- and select  Kyocera printers. Haier, Hoover , Sharp, Toshiba , Illy and a few other companies will soon introduce products that work with Dash Replenishment as well. 

The Amazon Dash Replenishment Service works with any Dash-enabled device to automatically order refills of washing powder, AA batteries and more from Amazon. 

Bosch's Series 6 and Series 8 dishwashers and Siemens' iQ500 and iQ700 dishwashers should now be able to reorder dishwasher tabs via sensors that can determine when you're running low. 

A number of Kyocera printers will be able to order printer ink and toner via Dash Replenishment, too. 

Haier, Hoover and Sharp are developing Dash-enabled washing machines. Toshiba will have Dash-enabled TV remotes and Illy is working on Dash-enabled capsule espresso and coffeemakers.

Amazon introduced its Dash Replenishment Service in the UK in 2016. 

Learn more about the service here.

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