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This All-Clad French skillet is down to $40 (the lowest price we've seen)

This is as low as you'll ever see the high-end fry pan go.

This story is part of Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021. CNET editors round up the hottest gadgets for Mom this year.

If you've had your fingers around an All-Clad pot or pan, then you know. It just feels different. Better. Stronger. It's collectible cookware because All-Clad is not exactly cheap and an entire set can run into the thousands. You don't need an entire set though -- just a few good pieces, and one of them is on sale for $40 right now at Macy's. The All-Clad 7.5-inch French skillet is 60% off during a limited-time price drop (online only) and that's about as low as we've ever seen the skillet drop. 

The stainless steel French skillet is on the small side, but a good size for searing a quick steak or chicken breast. The high sloped sides make it ideal for deglazing and whisking up a sauce to put on top of the aforementioned steak or chicken. This is cookware for a slightly more experienced home chef so if you're used to nonstick, it'll be an adjustment. In short: Start off low and slow as you get used to how hot it gets and how hot it stays. If you care about super even heat distribution and high-heat stovetop cooking, add this piece of luxury All-Clad cookware to your cabinet collection or snatch it up for a foodie you love. 

Shipping is free on the skillet and there's even a same-day delivery option if you're scrambling for a Mother's Day gift. Oh, and All-Clad just happens to be Ina Garten's cookware of choice. If it's good enough for her then, well, we definitely want some.