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A Magnificent All-Clad 10-Inch Skillet Is Down to $80 Right Now (Save $20)

Over 100 All-Clad kitchen staples can be had at a steep discount during the Factory Seconds sale -- but it ends today.

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When I tested stainless steel skillets earlier this year, All-Clad's 3-ply 10-inch model came out on top. It heats fast and evenly and comes with a very useful lid. It's not exactly cheap -- normally $100 or more -- but it's currently on sale for $80 for All-Clad's semiannual Factory Seconds sale. There's also a 10.5-inch 5-ply version of the same pan without a lid that normally retails for well over $100, but is down to $80 today.

Speaking of which, the discounted 10-inch 3-ply skillets are technically "second quality" which means they may have some very minor defects, but one that won't affect performance. 

A 10-inch stainless skillet is about as much of a kitchen workhorse as you'll ever find and it's crucial to have one you love that performs well and consistently over time. There's more than just stainless skillets on sale too: The Factory Seconds sale includes a sprawling array of All-Clad's fine cookware and kitchen tools with some down as much as 70%.

Here's a little more on why these items are so heavily discounted right now. "Factory Seconds" or "second quality" means the items may have some minor manufacturing defects like a dent or scratch, but it won't affect their performance. In most cases, the defects are barely noticeable. Some items in this sale are also labeled "damaged packing" (which means exactly what it sounds like), but that should have no bearing on the condition of the All-Clad product itself.

All-Clad Factory Seconds sale and see my top picks below.


This is just about as sturdy and well-constructed as frying pans get. Even heating means better execution of recipes and less guesswork. We usually find this pan for $100 or more, so $80 is a great price for a skillet you'll use all the time and have for years.


This 5-ply skillet has one more layer each of aluminum and steel meaning it'll spread heat a bit more evenly and also reduces the chances of the pan warping over time. There's no lid included this is still an excellent deal on a high-end skillet you'll have for years.


The larger 12-inch 5-ply skillet without a lid is also down to $100 for today only. 


We usually find this set of hard-anodized nonstick skillets for about $60, so you'll be getting a modest discount on two sturdy nonstick pans. The set comprises an 8.5-inch and a 10.5-inch fry pan with PFOA-free nonstick coating. 


For grilling flaky fish, burgers and chicken breasts, this nonstick grill pan is as easy as it gets.


If you want all your kitchen utensils to match and last for years, this is the set to grab. Snap it up while it's half off. It even comes with a stainless steel caddy. 


An enameled cast-iron Dutch oven on its own will often cost you more than this. The All-Clad version has an electric heating element to precisely nail slow braises and stews. Plus, it'll free up all the burners on your range and keep the oven empty for big hosting jobs.

The pot is removable so you can use it like a standard Dutch, too.

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Give your bird or roast a proper home before you send it into the oven. The 13x16-inch roaster has a nonstick coating that makes cleanup after a big roasting job a snap, and the rack lifts meats to promote even cooking.