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The 2-quart Bella digital air fryer is down to $20 -- today only

Snag the trendy kitchen appliance on sale for less than a night of takeout.

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Air fryers continue to rise in popularity, and it's hard to swing a french fry without hitting someone who just got theirs -- and they're usually happy to let you know about it. If you've been a little air-fry curious yourself, a well-rated two-quart digital Bella air fryer is on sale for just $20 at Best Buy. That's less than a night of takeout and as low as you're likely to see any digital air fryer oven drop.

What's so great about an air fryer, you ask? The big draw that it can make extremely moist-on-the-inside and crispy-on-the-outside chicken and other meats, as well as snack-type foods like french fries, tater tots, cauliflower bites, "fried" veggies and jalapeño poppers without any -- or very little -- oil. 

The Bella Pro air fryer scores rather high marks in over 350 buyer reviews and is down more than 50% for today only. A two-quart model may be on the small side if you're regularly cooking for a family or big groups. But for a single person or couple, this is plenty of air-frying capacity and can be stored easily when you're not using it. 

Note that this model isn't eligible for free shipping through Best Buy, but if you manage to get your cart over $35 you'll qualify. (You can also opt for free in-store pickup.)