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This $90 hybrid air fryer-convection oven (save 50%) is major value

It's our favorite budget countertop oven with an air fry function, and it's even cheaper today.


I first put a Crux hybrid air fryer and toaster oven on my countertop about three years ago. Almost immediately, my microwave and my main convection oven went into hibernation because I was using this thing for everything -- toasting, roasting, reheating. Plus, it has a ferocious air fryer function for making chicken wings, french fries and the like. Start your own love affair with a Crux Digital six-slice air fryer for just $90 at Bed Bath & Beyond, down from $180 during the store's 50th Anniversary sale. By comparison, the same model is selling for $151 at Walmart and $136 at Amazon.

To be clear, my oven is a similar but slightly older version with digital controls that eventually went a little wonky, so this model's manual dials may be a better buy. I liked my Crux enough to name it my favorite budget countertop toaster and air fryer in an in-depth test I did of a few popular models. It preheats incredibly quickly, and the air-frying function cooks stuff faster and crispier than your oven ever will. Seriously, don't walk away once it's on or you'll come back to a cajun crust. 

A few drawbacks: The air-fryer setting is a little on the loud side but since it cooks so quickly, that's easy to let slide. Also, for whatever reason, the trays and racks tend to get stained faster than some models I've used, so I'd suggest using protective foil whenever possible. 

The Crux air fries but has lots of other functions including bake, broil, toast, roast, reheat and warm. Most ovens that do all of this run in the $175-$250 range, so you're getting a whole lot of oven for just $90. And if you use it as much as I do, it'll free your actual oven up for cookware storage. 

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