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A Family Hub fit for Europe -- Samsung slims down its feature-rich fridge

Samsung's newest version of the Family Hub fridge, a two-door fridge-freezer tailored for Europe, is on display at the IFA trade show in Berlin.

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Samsung's smartest fridge -- and the smartest fridge we've tested to date -- is coming to Europe. At the IFA trade show here in Berlin, Samsung's announcing the trimmed-down European version of the Samsung Family Hub. Instead of a giant four door behemoth, this Family Hub is a sleek two-door fridge freezer.

Despite having half the number of doors, the massive 21.5-inch touchscreen that made the American version such a hit at CES 2016 is still in place, as are the smart features. You can use the touchscreen to track expiration dates, check whether you have the right ingredients for a recipe, sync your calendar and scroll through family photos.

My colleague Ry Crist wished the four-door version offered more options for voice control and wider smart home controls when he reviewed it this summer, but overall, he liked the cleverly integrated smarts and the responsive touchscreen. It also backed up those smarts with fine cooling performance. He called it "a top-of-the-line fridge that's absolutely worth wanting -- and yes, worth buying, too, if that's the kind of budget you're rolling with."

Chris Monroe/CNET

Samsung hasn't announced the price for the European version of the Family Hub yet, but you can expect it to be costly. The four-door Family Hub starts at $5,600 which converts to roughly £4,270 and AU$7,440. It doesn't look like Samsung has made any improvements to this new Family Hub, but even if it's the same fridge in a smaller frame, it'll be a worthwhile splurge if you're looking for a smart statement piece.

Check back later for more on the Samsung Family Hub fridge, including hands-on pictures and video. For more from IFA in Berlin, head here.