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6 innovative products to help you eat more vegetables

It ain't easy eating green.

Rainbow layer cake
Chowhound Staff
Rainbow layer cake
Chowhound Staff
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No matter what Dr. Oz says, some of us just have zero interest in eating anything that even resembles a vegetable. Sure, they're necessary for daily doses of vitamins and minerals, but brussels sprouts will always be brussel sprouts and there's simply no convincing green-averse eaters to enjoy them. Or is there?

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Aside from various, sneaky cooking methods, holding your nose or the excessive use of cheese and melted butter, we've rounded up six products that actually make vegetable-eating tolerable and, dare we say, enjoyable? From slick lunchboxes to high-powered personal blenders that make smoothie-making a dream, these gadgets, services and products will help you go green in no time at all.

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Wilted salads may be a first world problem but they're a problem, nonetheless. Consider your lunchtime worries quelled with this modern lunch box, guaranteed to keep your lettuce crisp and fresh for hours. Its patented vacuum technology can also be used to preserve the warmth of vegetable-heavy soups, so you'll have a midday meal that's suitable for any weather condition. Sure beats a clunky Thermos.


Since playing the airplane game is unacceptable in adulthood, eating will have to be entertaining in a different way. Meet the Back to the Roots Water Garden: a self-cleaning fish tank that grows organic sprouts and herbs within the comfort of your own home. Gone are the days of buying supermarket herbs that wilt and die within a week. Now you can trim your own basil and wheatgrass, all while admiring and caring for your new aquatic friend. If you're still craving protein, we highly advise against eating the fish, though.

Farmbox Direct

Combing through mounds of grocery store vegetables is both time-consuming and intimidating. "What *really* makes a zucchini fresh? Is this artichoke allowed to be bruised? How do I find a purple carrot?" These may be some of the thoughts that race through your mind as you shop, which makes navigating the aisles oh-so-unnecessarily-difficult. Save yourself the headache and sign up for Farmbox Direct, a box service that hand-selects all of your organic produce from local farms. It will force you to cook with ingredients you don't purchase regularly, all with guaranteed freshness. And to think we've been told to think outside of the box all of these years.


We love ourselves a good olive oil, but if you're hoping to change things up a bit and increase the healthy fat content with bold flavors such as turmeric and lemon, look no further than Cocavo: an avocado and coconut oil blend that's perfect for sauteing your favorite veggies. Rather than dousing that broccoli in sugar-filled glazes or sauces, these oils take drab to fab while adding to the overall nutritional profile. But honestly, are you really surprised that anything with avocado tastes delicious?


A tried-and-true way to sneak greens into your daily food pyramid is through smoothies. Nearly any protein powder, nut butter, or fruit juice can help mask the bitterness of spinach, kale, and celery to create a nutrient-rich boost your morning routine but the only way you're going to actually make them consistently is with the right blender system designed for easy daily use. The Nutri-NInja is just that.


It's common knowledge that frying anything makes it taste at least 200% better...at minimum. So it's settled, just fry all your veggies. Wait, no that's not going to work but if you stick them in the oil-free air fryer you can get similarly crispy vegetable tempura or veggie chips. Then load em' up with low-sodium seasonings or low-fat sauces until they barely resemble a vegetable at all. You did it!