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5 ways orange peels help your kitchen appliances

Don't throw away that peel! Take it to the kitchen and get to work.

Alina Bradford

Think orange peels are trash or that they need to go straight to the compost bin? Hold up! That peel can do a lot. In fact, your kitchen appliances are probably begging for that peel.

  1. Shine your stainless: Orange peels produce natural oils that are used in many cleaning products because the oils shine surfaces so well, especially stainless steel. You can skip the cleansers and go straight to the source, though. Every time you eat an orange, take a few seconds and use the orange side of the peel to polish smudges on your fridge or stove. I find that the fresher the orange, the better this trick works.
  2. Clean your microwave: Throw your orange peels in a bowl with some water and put it in your microwave for 60 seconds. The steam will loosen dried on food for quick clean up and the peels will freshen any bad odors in your microwave.
  3. Make a natural cleanser: You can also use peels to make an all-natural appliance cleaner. Put your peels in a jar and fill the jar with white vinegar. Let the mixture soak for two weeks, then strain it into a spray bottle. This cleaner is great for stovetops, fridge doors, microwaves and more.
  4. De-funk your disposable: Is your garbage disposal smelling a bit funky? Grate some orange zest into the disposal and let it sit for a few minutes. Run the disposal with hot tap water for a few seconds and the funk with transform into a citrusy clean smell.
  5. Get your fridge fresher: Stinky fridges can be caused by many different problems. To make it smell better, make an orange peel powder. Dehydrate your peels in the oven at 200 degrees for two to three hours and grind them into powder using your food processor. Mix the powder with baking soda, put your mixture in a bowl and place it in the back of your fridge. Your fridge will smell sweet and fresh.