Whaddyareckon?: Human microchipping

Human microchipping: freaky-deaky privacy nightmare or practical solution? We get your thoughts in this week's Whaddyareckon?

Matt Oxley

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags, or microchips, are used in everything from clothing labels to passports in order to identify and track the movement of goods.

Sounds practical and pretty harmless, but a few pioneering tech-heads are taking the concept one step further by implanting tags beneath their skin.

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Sure, being able to open your front door by holding a microchipped hand against it would eliminate the need for those pesky house keys, but are subdermal implants the exclusive domain of kooky nerds? Would you willingly submit to this futuristic technology, or does the whole thing scream "privacy-invading conspiracy"?

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In this week's Whaddyareckon? we get your thoughts on human microchipping.

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