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Trendnet brings DD-WRT to its flagship routers

Trendnet announces support for the popular firmware DD-WRT for its three main Wi-Fi routers, the TEW-818DRU, TEW-812DRU and TEW-811DRU, meaning more customization is on its way.

Trendnet's flagship router, the TEW-818DRU, now supports DD-WRT firmware. Dong Ngo/CNET

If you're a fan of the powerful firmware DD-WRT, Trendnet has some good news to share.

The networking vendor announced today DD-WRT compatibility for three high-end routers, the TEW-818DRU , TEW-812DRU (version 2.0 only), and TEW-811DRU. The TEW-818DRU, by the way, is an excellent top-tier router and is one of the most affordable of the AC1900 routers on the market.

DD-WRT is well-known Linux based open-source firmware for wireless routers and access points. The firmware helps you get the most out of a router's hardware and offers a comprehensive set of controls.

For example, it makes it possible to modify wireless radio power, define advance access controls, choose from a greater DDNS service support list, create a Wi-Fi hotspot, set up VLANs for the router's wired ports, define advanced USB port functionality, and manage enhanced QoS controls.

Routers that support DD-WRT are becoming more common. A few months ago, Buffalo announced a trio of routers that come with DD-WRT as default factory firmware, including the first 802.11ac router to do so.

Owners of these Trendnet routers, however, will need to download the firmware, which is available now, and install it themselves.

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