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T-Mobile Teases New 'Un-Carrier' Event for May 4

An update on T-Mobile's 5G Home Internet offering may be coming soon.

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Eli Blumenthal
Logo and text saying "Un carrier next This one doesn't need a set up 5.04.22"

T-Mobile has a new "un-carrier" event planned for May 4. 


T-Mobile's latest "un-carrier" move is coming next week, and the stage seems to be set for an update to its 5G home broadband service

On Friday the nation's second-largest carrier sent out invites for a virtual May 4 event with a tagline of "This one doesn't need a set-up." Hidden ever so subtly in the background appears to be one of T-Mobile's home internet modems. 

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That the focus would be on the company's home internet offering wouldn't be too much of a surprise. When talking about some of the achievements for the product on its earnings call this week, CEO Mike Sievert teased that some news would be coming by saying, "We're just getting started bringing the 'un-carrier' to broadband, so stay tuned for what we have in store next." 

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Since officially launching at an "un-carrier" event last year, T-Mobile's Home Internet service has proved to be a strong performer for the company. Operating on its 5G network, the $50-per-month service has no data caps, contract or extra fees and includes a modem/router as part of its monthly price. 

T-Mobile has increasingly advertised the service, including in a Super Bowl spot featuring actors Donald Faison and Zach Braff. Last week the company announced that it has 1 million customers for Home Internet and that has expanded its availability from 30 million "eligible households" to 40 million

Locating local internet providers