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T-Mobile Expands 5G Home Internet Availability By Another 10 Million Households

T-Mobile's home internet service is growing, and is now available to 40 million homes.

pink T-Mobile logo on the screen of a white iPad
Sarah Tew/CNET

Just over a year after its launch, T-Mobile is sharing some updates for its 5G Home Internet service. On Wednesday the carrier revealed that it now has 1 million customers on the $50 per month internet option and has expanded the service's availability from 30 million "eligible households" to 40 million. 

T-Mobile ended 2021 with 646,000 home internet subscribers and revealed during its most recent earnings that it had added 224,000 home internet users during the fourth quarter of the year. The company has increasingly promoted the new service, including in a Super Bowl spot featuring Scrubs actors Donald Faison and Zach Braff. T-Mobile is set to report its 2022 first-quarter earnings on April 27. 

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Touted as an alternative to traditional cable service, T-Mobile's option doesn't have data caps or annual contacts and includes a modem and router in its $50 monthly price (assuming you have automatic payments enabled). The carrier has previously said it aims to have 7-8 million customers for its home internet service by 2025.

While the carrier is expanding home internet availability to another 10 million households today, it still lacks a map for quickly seeing if your home can sign up. Instead, those interested still need to enter their addresses and information into T-Mobile's website to see if the option is available where you live. 

T-Mobile isn't the only wireless carrier using 5G to provide home internet. Verizon recently has begun rolling out an updated version of its own $50 per month, 5G broadband option and in February announced that this service is available to over 30 million households. Verizon will report its first-quarter earnings on April 22.

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