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Start-up unveils four-channel VoIP product

i2 Telecom announces a Voice-over-Internet-Protocol product for small businesses, marking the latest product debut for the communications company.

i2 Telecom announced a four-channel Voice-over-Internet-Protocol product for small businesses on Tuesday, marking the latest product debut for the communications start-up.

The company unveiled its E-VoIP 4000, which aims to lower companies' telephone bills by allowing users to make long-distance and international calls over the Internet. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), a concept that has been hyped for years, is finally gaining momentum as broadband adoption accelerates.

The E-VoIP 4000 has four channels, or the equivalent of four telephone lines, that are used to switch the last leg of callers' calls from the Internet to traditional phone providers.

If a company has multiple offsite locations, an E-VoIP can be placed in each office and the entire call can be placed via the Internet, said Rick Scherle, the company's senior vice president of marketing.

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"This device is like our InternetTalker, except it has four VoIP channels," Scherle said. "Four channels are important because companies need multiple channels when running a business."

The product, which is expected to cost $1,495, is also designed to work with the company's recently released InternetTalker device. InternetTalker converts voice calls into digital packets for distribution over the Internet.

Both products are being marketed to small businesses. Other companies competing with i2 Telecom include Net2Phone, which is making inroads in the midsize business market with its VoIP services.

Sipura Technology, meanwhile, announced Tuesday that broadband telecommunications service provider VoicePulse would use its SPA-2000. Sipura's phone adapter device is designed to act as a bridge between a customer's regular telephone and the Internet. The device retails for $120.