SpaceX's New Starlink for RVs Is Designed for Travel but Costs More

The new service costs $135 a month and can be paused and unpaused as needed.

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An RV in a costal location with a Starlink satellite set up

SpaceX on Monday launched a new Starlink for RVs satellite internet service, which is aimed at people frequently traveling in RVs, campers and other large vehicles. The service costs $135 a month, $25 more than Starlink's residential service, with a onetime equipment fee of $599. Service can also be paused and unpaused as needed. 

Starlink for RVs isn't intended to be used while vehicles are in motion, but can be set up at destinations where Starlink service is available. The company said network resources will be "de-prioritized" compared to other Starlink services, meaning RV customers could see degraded service or slower speed in contested areas or during peak hours. 

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk tweeted last year that the company had shipped 100,000 Starlink receiver terminals to customers. Starlink service is now available in 32 countries, with more expected to be added in 2023. The service, which has been available since fall 2020, relies on a constellation of more than 2,000 satellites in low Earth orbit.

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Earlier this month, Starlink also added a "portability mode" option that lets customers temporarily move their terminal to a new location. Portability mode, which costs an extra $25 on top of the $110 monthly service, is similar to the new Starlink for RVs, but is meant for customers who still want to prioritize a registered service address. 

SpaceX said Starlink for RVs is available now with no waitlist.

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